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Who else hates the left-click pop-up menu

Discussion created by Emilio Graff on Feb 27, 2010
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I never really liked this menu they introduced in 2009. Partly because sometimes it doesn't work (edit sketch gets replaced with a copy of whatever the little glasses means), but mostly because more than once it's lagged to come up and I think I'm clicking on something "behind" the menu and end up doing something unwanted like suppressing a part/feature. Let's try not to get into the stupidities involving the right-click menus....


So now I just accidentally suppressed something on a part that takes a good 45 seconds to rebuild, which seemingly Solidworks is doing whenever the hell it wants, whether or not I disable automatic rebuild. It's going to take me a good 10 minutes of waiting to undo this accidental click.


Join this discussion and rant all you want. Complain at me, if you want. That's its only purpose.