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Different Question - What are you sitting on?

Question asked by Chad Leman on Feb 25, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2010 by Chad Leman

Okay - let's take a break from service packs and assemblies to answer a really important question - - what are you sitting on???


I'm not usually one for back trouble, but the last few weeks my chair is really making me sore.  It's become quite uncomfortable to sit all day long at my workstation.


I've looked at some different kneeling chairs online - has anyone tried the KneelSit from Australia?  I used to have a kneeling stool that was nice for a change, but it didn't have wheels.  These chairs look like they can be used as a standard "task" style chair if desired.  This particular model looks really well built, but has anyone tried cheaper versions?


Thanks in advance - -