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    problem with enclosure and fluid subdomain

      I'm beginner in SW and I don't know very well flow simulation so I explain my problem

      I have build a tank storage with an inlet and an outlet and I want to smiluate a flow of water through the cylinder tank

      But I did the different tutorial of  FS and I don't know how I can impose that there is a fluid (water) in the storage tank

      I've tried to create lids in the inlet and the outlet but it don't understand that I want a fluid in the tank.

      In the tutorial, th've already create an enclosure so I think that it could help me but I don't how it will be create ??

      Please can you help me in easy english...Thx


      PS : if you want more details, contact me, there is no pbm !

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          Alec Chalmers
          In the initial setup you need to specify that this is an internal analysis, you need to make the lids a an insulator material and the tank itself a solid metal or plastic material. In the Flow Simulation menu under Tools, pick Check Geometry and use the Check Fluid Volume to make sure that you have defined a valid fluid volume.
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            I just want to thanks you for your fast answer and your help was very interesting, I should work more to find the solution because geometry is very complex in my problem, and I will tell you if I reach to simulate my flow.


            If anybody have some others lead to help me no doubt



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                Alec Chalmers
                Anything that can be done to simplify geometry will help in getting the application to define a fluid volume. I found that having an line contact on a surface as part of the fluid boundary will cause a failure in defining fluid volume. If you use the Check Geometry tool it will attempt to indicate the problem areas, read the help file associated with this feature.
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                DHAVAL PATEL


                I try to do flow simulation with enclosure and heatsink with heatsource. I want to consider enclosure wall with constant temperature of 25 C and heat source of total 10 W. and heat sink attached to heat source. heatsource and heatsink assembly keep in the middle of enclosure in vertical position. I want to get temp distribution through natural convection on heat sink surfaces as it keep vertically.


                Any one can help me, how to apply boundary condition in this case for wall temp. and also natural convection for heat sink.


                I attached assembly of it.