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    Where is fluid volume displayed?

    Matthew Boyko

      This is probably a simple question, but I'm new to any simulation aspects of SW.


      I cant seem to find where the fluid volume calculation is displayed? I've clicked Tools/FloXpress/ViewFLuidVolume


      The part is shelled and has a lid.


      Help?  Any other way to accurately find fluid volume?

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          Matthew Boyko

          Ok, so from what I found out, it appears that this only shows the volume you want to study. You cant get measurements of that volume.


          Does anyone know how to calculate the volume inside a bottle?


          Specifically using any simulation tool. I know there are ways to do it with features, but want to avoid that.


          This seems like a fairly simple aspect to any 3d package. Anyone???

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              Anthony Botting
              The FloXpress won't do that.. The SolidWorks Flow Simulation product has a button under "Tools...Check Geometry" labeled "Fluid Volume" which reports the value of the fluid volume. From what I understand, the FloXpress product is regarded as having only very limited functions. The Flow Simulation product also has a button that generates a "solid" of the "fluid" - in effect, it does automatically what you would otherwise do manually (puts a block around the structure and subtracts the structure, leaving a "solid" of the "fluid", so you can measure the volume). Hope that helps. Tony
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                Tom Strohscher

                Our company designs drinking glasses.  So we use SW volume every day.

                Our mold design has found it best to create 2 bodies for the glass one for the glass and the other for the inside of the glass.

                They use at least 2 configurations. One for the inside and one for the out side.


                In a revolved item they sketch the glass profile then continue the sketch to the centerline.  They then do two seperate revolves from the same sketch using the selected contour reigon.  One for the inside and one for the outside.


                I then created a macro to get the volume and glass weight.