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Best practices for PDM Vault/ Windows explorer

Question asked by 1-PG5JZQ on Feb 20, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2010 by Jesse Seger

I recently updated SW09 to 10 in the proccess of doing so I moved the entire vault to a new production server, access time and speed so far are great.

The vast majority of our drawings and models that are production are stored in the vault on the new server. However I would say a large percentage of users still insist on using windows explorer to open models, modfiy drawings, tweak things instead of using the vault. How does this behavior of using Explorer in Windows impact overall performance? Shouldnt there be a seperate vault or area for work that is in progress and should those objects not be accounted for by Solid works vault as well? I am anticipating bottlenecks as a result of users still trying to open files on the old server since the majority of these "non-official" objects are going to accessed over the lan again and not off the new app server. Am I correct to feel that overall performance would be improved upon by running all data official or not off the new App server since this servers raid array would be containing all work that the SW users would require and be a centralised storage area.



Please advise, thank you kindly.