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Property Tab Builder Install

Question asked by Kevin Goosie on Feb 18, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by Jorge Veázquez
     I have some co-workers who are experiencing trouble with the property tab builder.  One of them cannot get the window to open, all he gets is the bar to show up in the taskbar and when you try to close it gives you the microsoft error reporting screen.  He will also get a completely blank tab when in the part and he clicks on the property tab on the right.  The other guy, when trying to select something from a value from a list will get a blank dropdown even though the txt file that the list is linked to is not blank.  Has anyone else experienced anything like this and does anyone know how to install/remove just the property tab builder?  I have tried repairing SW but no success.  Should I try a repair using the disks?