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Question asked by Richard Hall on Feb 18, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2010 by Devon Sowell

I have currently 2 work flows for my CAD documents.  One is my primary for initial release and editing before the document goes to baseline. This WF is linked with an automatic transition to my second WF which for baseline documents only.  The difference between the 2 is our rev system.

*Background info*

initially I set up the 2 WF's independently and they both had the same category of "CAD files" which fed them.  Our documents always went into the primary WF and life was good.  After I did the automatic transition and link on the primary I started to have documents go into the secondary WF on initial checkin as baseline which is not what I want.  I solved this problem by removing the category "CAD files" from the secondary WF.  I contactacted my VAR thinking this might be a bug but he assured me that this is correct behavior and that EPDM picks a WF arbitrarily with all things being equal between multiple different ones.

*Current Issue"

Since I removed the category from the secondary workflow, any type of document that I put into EPDM that is not in a category which is associated with a WF now goes into my secondary WF (for CAD files only) which is not what I want.  Do I need to set up a WF as a catchall such as my office documents which are just vaulted?  I have a category which has no conditions and then several others to contend with other types of files but they are all associated with a WF.  This is giving me grief right now because my minions are just overlooking the issue and I then have to correct the mistakes.


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