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Toolbox component; document properties and equation driven dimensions

Question asked by John Sutherland on Feb 17, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2010 by Raymond Pearson

After sorting out the toolbox file locations, I have started exploring a bevel gear, and two issues have arisen:-


1)     I have an in-house standard for doument properties, and it is incorporated in my document templates.  Toolbox components have different standards and I have to make changes every time I create a new component document.


     Is there a way of changing toolbox component document properties in bulk? (other than in my dreams)


2)     Having created a gear with the required tooth meshing properties, I wanted to edit the dimensions of the hub diameter, length and bore, and found that they are all equation driven.  An RC on the Equations folder in the FT>Edit equation, produced a table of equations for the model dimensions.  It seems that ultimately the hub dimensions are functions of the number of teeth, which might be OK in one instance, but is not generally applicable.


     My efforts to edit the equations by replacing variables on the right side with constants, changes the table but does not change the model.  I have saved the model so it is not read only.


     How can I change the model?