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Orthotropic materials for composite analysis

Question asked by Paul Bassler on Feb 17, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2011 by Geoff Crocker



Just wondering if anyone is having trouble using orthotropic materials with the composites analysis feature.


I'm working on a composite cylinder buckling study and am having some odd behaviour with material definition and the resulting analysis.  Even though I have defined my custom material as Linear Orthotropic and assigned all the properties, my material library still shows certain properties in red, as if they have not been defined.  When I would save the library, I received a message stating that "Not all mandatory references have been selected".  I'm wondering if this is because I have not input a value for yield strength (which is not applicable for carbon fiber lamina) or because I have not selected a reference geometry (the help files say this is not necessary for composite shells).


Most recently when I try to edit this material I get a new error message stating that saving the database failed and that the previous database has been restored.  Now I'm thinking the material database has somehow been corrupted and I need to delete it and start over.  Any suggestions on how to proceed?