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    remove <MOD-DIAM>

    Jason Raak

      does anyone know of a way to automatically remove the <mod-diam> from linear dimensions?  I know about creating a favorite to remove it by i really just want it to automatically be removed


      any help would be appreciated.  i imagine it is a txt file somewhere but i am having no luck finding it.

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          Josh Brady
          Are you saying that plain old linear dimensions (like hole pitches, plate width/length, etc) are coming up with <MOD-DIAM> on them?
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            Deepak Gupta
            It is in Gtol.sym file. It should be under \\SolidWorks\lang\English folder (path my vary in different version of SW)
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              Jason Raak

              hey everyone,


              first off, i don't think it is in the gtol.sym file either.  i did look around in there and could not find it listed anywhere in there.  i found where it details how to draw it but nothing more than that.  i think if i remove that or change that i would end up with the word <mod-diam> in front of my dimension instead of the symbol.  i think what i need to find is where the dimension tool gets its instructions from.


              as for why we do this, i would say that about 95% of the stuff we detail is in the round state and also, 99% of our tooling details stay right in house therefore it was kind of developed well before i started that we do not include any diameter symbols (or any symbols for that matter) on our dimensions.  we really do not follow any sort of industry standard either, one of those things that was developed a long time ago and NOBODY wants to deal with change.  this is the reason i was looking to remove it all together so that no one has to deal with deleting it everytime.


              matt, i did try the dimension palette but it is again one extra thing that i need to do everytime to remove it.  i also tried favorites but i can not seem to get them to remove it in solidworks 2010.  it did work in 2009.

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                  Matthew Lorono

                  If you remember from the "What's New" presentation we had in August, they "fixed" the diameter symbol because it didn't come in on side views before; particularly for holes (i think).  They may have completely "fixed" it to the point the that is always there except when you remove it.  I don't know the internal workings of your company, and I figured you where asking because of either that or a customer.  But this really is correct.  It used to be easier to leave the symbol off when everyone was using AutoCAD 12 (I'm guessing), but now it's easier to leave it on.  Right?  Use the power of insertia!


                  Maybe you can run a content search on your /lang/english folder to see if any of the files contain that string within them besides the two gtol files.


                  Matt Lorono

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                  Dean Williamson

                  You could just delete it in front of the dimension. However, I agree with the others, if you you removed this & there are no other views of the part, they will assume the part is a square. I don't think it will hurt anything of just leaving it.

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                    Stephen Brett

                    Ok I have just opened SW13 and for some reason my diamter symbol is showing up as <mod-diam> instead


                    Any idea why or how to fix it?