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Login Problem

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Feb 17, 2010

I tried to login to our EPDM 'Database Server Configuration' program this morning and was greeted with a dialog box stating "Failed to save settings!" and the login did not succeed.


The login and password used are valid for the SQL server (I have used the same login credentials to successfully login the SQL Server Management Studio).


After quadruple-verifying that the passwrd was correct, I gave up and created a new SQL login with appropriate db_owner permissions, updating the SQL login on the Archive Server to match and still get the same error.


I completely uninstalled the EPDM database server, reinstalled and still get the same error.


At this point I am stumped.


Luckily, this isn't a production system.  I'm pl;aying around prior to our actual implementation.


Has anyone seen/solved this mysterious error?


Jim S.