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SW2010 Crashing during PDM Workgroup Check-in

Question asked by Brian Lavallee on Feb 16, 2010

Here in the office, we have noticed that ever since we have upgraded to 2010 (currently running SP2.0) and we attempt to check-in large assemblies into our vault we often crash.


The crash does not occur when SW is running a query of all the files and drawings but at the step where it is running through each file and checking them in. For example, it may take me 3-4 attempts to fully check in a large assembly and after each attempt a higher % of files is up-to-date with the PDM files.


There are 3 of us here in the office and 2 of us have noticed these reoccuring crashes. I should note that the 3rd person has not been working on large assemblies that much since we have upgraded to 2010.


Is this happening elsewhere? ideas?