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    How to create EPDM test vault

    Bill Roberts

      I want to create a test vault (EPDW 2009 sp5) in which to test new or revised workflows before releasing to production. So far I have managed to create a new vault on the same server and copied users, variables, etc exported from the production vault. However, I found that two of the exported production workflows are incomplete (lacking the final transitions and links to other workflows) when opened in the test vault. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better way to create a test bed? Is it possible to restore a production backup to a new vault?

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          Devon Sowell

          Hi Bill-


          In my experience workflow links don't export, just add them back in manually.


          Is it possible to restore a production backup to a new vault?

          I don't understand what you're saying here;

          • You can drag and drop folders and files anywhere
          • Vaults can reside on the achieve server of your choice, on the network or local (one location only)
          • Same with a SQL server, (check license usage)

          Devon Sowell


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            Michael Dekoning



            The only effective way I've found to copy everything from one vault to another is to do the following:


            Create a new vault using the EPDM Admin tool with the desired name, i.e. TestVault. This will also create the set of folders on the archive server.


            Backup up the vault you want to copy using SQL Server Management Studio.


            Restore the backup to the TestVault (make sure you check the option to overwrite the existing database on the Options page).


            Copy the files from the vault folders on the archive server to the folders for the TestVault.


            EPDM 2010 is supposed to export/import better. I'm going to test that out pretty soon.



            EPDM 2010 SP2

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              Hugh Kanner

              Hi Bill,


              Please see S-017826 (How can you restore a copy of a customer's file vault to a separate system from a database backup for testing purposes?) and S-011452 (Is exporting to a CEX file sufficient to copy vault settings?).  Restoring a database backup is the "complete" way to get a full copy of a vault.  The export of the source vault and import into a new (empty) target vault using the .cex format works pretty well with EPDM 2010.  Note however that certain objects do not get imported - workflow links (SPR 333886), and templates/cards.


              It is good practice to have separate vault(s) for testing and development, as you are likely to want to apply and test changes outside of the production environment.




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                  Ben Kalinowski

                  I currently have a test environment, 'restored' the way Hugh describes.  My IT department deployed it on an independent 1.5TB external drive running VMware which hosts my test server.  Its a little bit slow, but for testing its great - it just sit on my desktop (literally) until I plug it in for some testing.


                  Happy testing,



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                      Jason Ebersole

                      Ok. I'm resurrecting this thread for clarification.

                      I want to create a copy of our production vault onto the same DB Server & Archive Server.


                      Hugh, I didn't reference your suggested knowledgebase article because I want to do this on the same systems as the production vault.


                      Here is how I would do it based on my SQLServer, PDM, and general IT experience:


                      Create new test vault using PDM admin tool.

                      Stop PDM service on Archve Server (optional?)

                      Stop PDM service on DB Server (optional?)

                      Restore production vault DB to new test vault DB

                      Restore production vault directory structure to test vault directory on Archive Server

                      Restart PDM services


                      Using this method, will all functionality (workflows, datacards, custom addins, etc) be there?


                      Thanks, Jason

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                          Hugh Kanner

                          Hi Jason,


                          Yes it is possible to set this up on all on the same server and you have the basic requirements outlined.  Note that some of the SQL table updates included in the KB article are still required since they contain references to the vault name which would need to be changed.  Also one of the tables also references a vault id which also needs to be changed.  Therefore it is a combination of what you have described plus some table updates.  Needless to say, back up your vault and files before undertaking this procedure.


                          Thanks, Hugh