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    Beam Joint Problem

      I'm have a really frustrating problem with beam joints where I have 2 wide flange beam parallel rails with smaller wide flange beams connecting the 2 at regular intervals(sort of like a forklift mast). The problem is the smaller beams only make proper joints with 1 of the rails and remain free or unattached to the other rail even though it's completely symmetrical. I have played around with the distance tolerance and it had no effect.


      One thing that does solve the problem is when I locate the profile differently so that instead of the small beams sitting on top of the rails, they are located on the same axis as the rails (centroids aligned). But this will give inaccurate results later when I constrain this weldment in a more realistic manner.


      This should be really simple but it's consuming a huge amount of time. It seems the beam analysis feature is not usefull for anything but simple beams. I attached the file.





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          Hi John,


          I think there is an easy solution to this.


          1.  Right-Click on "joint group" and click edit beam joints.

          2.  There should apprear small spheres on the model, Golden puke-yellow for the end of a beam, and pink for a beam joint.

          3.  right-click on the golden coloured "end" joint that you want to be welded to the bigger wide flange beam.

          4.  A little dialog window pops up showing (you already knew this) that the only beam involved in this joint is the single beam.

          5.  Click on the other beam to which it's supposed to be welded.  Now two beams should appear in the little dialog box.

          6. Click "calculate" in the beam joints property manager window.  The golden joint should change into a pink "joint" and all should be well.


          If the steps I've described don't work, you can read more in the simulation help file under "beam joint".


          Good Luck,