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    Custom Task Addin Problem

    Jim Sculley

      I'm playing around with the various features of EPDM and I have run into a problem with tasks.  I have created a very simple custom task addin.  The add-in loads into the vault with no problems.  I can add a new Task that calls the addin with no problems and the 'TaskSetup' and 'TaskRun' methods are called when I open the task from the Admin tool.


      The problem occurs when I try to add an 'Execute task' action in a transition.  In the Transition Action dialog, the 'Select task to execute:' dropdown list says <There are no tasks available for selection> and there are no items in the drop down.


      I imported the Print and Convert Tasks as well, and they don't show up in the drop down either.


      Seems like I missed a setting somewhere.


      Jim S.