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Custom Task Addin Problem

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Feb 16, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2010 by Jim Sculley

I'm playing around with the various features of EPDM and I have run into a problem with tasks.  I have created a very simple custom task addin.  The add-in loads into the vault with no problems.  I can add a new Task that calls the addin with no problems and the 'TaskSetup' and 'TaskRun' methods are called when I open the task from the Admin tool.


The problem occurs when I try to add an 'Execute task' action in a transition.  In the Transition Action dialog, the 'Select task to execute:' dropdown list says <There are no tasks available for selection> and there are no items in the drop down.


I imported the Print and Convert Tasks as well, and they don't show up in the drop down either.


Seems like I missed a setting somewhere.


Jim S.