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    Export a sketch to DXF simply

      Open the sketch you like to export in the part. Select all the entities and copy it by press Ctrl+c.
      Open an empty drawing and past (Ctrl+v) the sketch into it.
      Now you can save this as a DXF.
        • Export a sketch to DXF simply
          I have a sketch that I wish to export to DXF. The sketch is the outline of the base of a complex shape. I know that I can create a SolidWorks drawing but I don't seem to be able to create a drawing of just the sketch that I want.

          I can create a drawing of the entire part but then I have to delete by hand all the extra stuff that I do not need.

          Does anybody have advice for me on exporting just a single sketch out of a SolidWorks part or assembly that has other entities in it?
          • Export a sketch to DXF simply
            That works well when I have a simple part with a single sketch that needs to be copied.

            How would I work this situation?

            I have a part that I then bring into a assembly.That part has the sketch that I need. I need more than one of that same identical part in the assembly, just in different locations. I either insert the part multiple times -or- I do a pattern "Component Pattern -> Linear Pattern" to create the multiple copies. Either way I can't seem find a way to copy all the sketches from each identical part and paste them into a drawing without copying them one at a time and recreating the location/spacing of each sketch in the drawing.

            How do I place multiple parts into an assembly and get the sketches to transfer to a drawing?