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Problems using VSTA with Windows 7 64bit

Question asked by Daniel McRae on Feb 15, 2010
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I have spent the last two days writing a macro in VBA for SolidWorks.  I am not a fan of VB, especially VBA.  I was curious why Solidworks hadn't switched to using a .NET framework.  Browsing the internet I found (to my joy) that it had.  Yay!  C#!


I then tried to follow the instructions by recording a simple macro of creating a circle and extruding it, then saving it as a C# project when created.  Solidworks didn't save the macro.  In fact, when I clicked stop again on the macro toolbar, it then only gave the option of saving as a VBA macro.


I have Windows 7, 64bit, with Solidworks 2009 SP4.1.  I have local administrator rights to this computer.  (Or at least, the IT department has given me and a couple other of the more sensible designers enough permissions to install programs and so on.)  Why can't I save a VSTA program?


To check this, I used another engineer's computer to try and create a macro, again in C#.  He is using Windows CP 32bit, but I don't believe that he has admin permissions.  No luck.  I have yet to try it on a Windows XP computer with admin permissions - all of them are temporarily tied up.


Please!  Suggestions are welcome at this point.  As before mentioned, I am really not a fan of VBA, so I want to get to being able to use a better language.  Also, it brings in a worry that when VBA is dropped, I won't be able to bring over the various macros that have been written to .NET.



Daniel McRae