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Simulation Bolted Assembly - How to copy connectors?

Question asked by Brant Williams on Feb 14, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2010 by Derek Bishop

Large flange pair connected with 36 bolts....  Help file says that when you create a connector (in this case a standard bolt) on a patterned hole feature, it will propogate so you do not have to re-create the same fastener over and over.


It does not work...or at least I can not figure out how to make it work.  The help is very deficient in this area.  Here is what it says....



Hole Series

  • When you add a bolt to one hole in a hole series, the software allows propagating bolts to all the other holes in the hole series.

  • The software groups the connectors based on the hole series in a separate folder.

  • Editing any one bolt in the group applies to all connectors in the series.

  • You can dissolve the bolt series and break the link to allow editing of each feature separately. Right-click the folder containing the series and select Dissolve Bolt Series.

  • You can restore the connector series after you dissolve it. Right-click the folder that contained the series and select Reestablish Bolt Series.


Anyone know the trick to make this work?  I have tried patterning the hole on the bolt circle in the part 3 different ways...and it will not pick up the pattern  Very poorly implementend feature, in my opinion....