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Can MS Search Be switched off?

Question asked by Mike Hattingh on Feb 14, 2010
Latest reply on May 19, 2010 by Mike Hattingh

when i have outlook open, my CPU usage always hovers around 13% as a minimum, it also shows a message in the status bar 'updating index - x%'. I suppose this is mssearch scanning and indexing the email messages to provide instant feedback on searches. i would like to stop this happening and stealing my cpu power - i have unticked the boxes in outlook under search options to stop indexing from happening in the message folder, but it has not had any effect.

  1. can i stop mssearch altogether?
  2. will this have any effect on sw?
  3. how do i stop it from launching on startup?(it is not in startup folder)


2009 sp4 32x XP corei7 4gb ram