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SW migrating ideas?

Question asked by robert dattilo on Feb 13, 2010
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      I'm wondering about some ideas of the best way to move from our drawing system to include SW. We have quite a few acad drawing; as well as mech desk 3/d drawings, and some dxf drawings. So we have probably a few thousand drawings on cad & few still on the board. It's been my direction, since I started there 4.5 years ago, just to do what makes the best sense. Like if a 2/d drawing is 90 percent done in acad & i don't need a 3/d drawing, I'll  just do what I need to do in acad. Also time affects the decesions. If I have extra time, (ha,ha, lately), perhaps I'd draw something up in the parametrics to be a bit more thurow. We even have drawings that were done in 2/d, but later someone needed a model. Rather than redo the drawing from the model again, we'd leave the drawing done, & just do the model. That saved alot of time, & even though you lost associavity it made sense. Anyway, I'd kind of like to keep things similar. Use SW, whenever it makes sense, & whenever it's a toss up, go to the SW.

   I know any new projects could be done on SW., unless lets say 85 percent of a big machine was in MDT, then I don't want to drag dumb solids into SW, just to do it in SW. losing the paramitrics, or redrawing the whole thing in SW, when we have deadlings, & a perfectly good parametric file, just using a software that's on it's way out. Take  the board drawings; they stay that way, because they may never be needed, so they sit in a drawer as board drawing.

   I'm also wondering about opening drawings in SW, & just saving them in it since that will be our main software. I guess 2/d stuff perhaps would not be as much of a problem, but you hate to lose your history in the models.

   Anyway I'm prematurly writing this as we prepare for the essentials class, not having tried any mass conversion of acad files or anything, just hoping to get some ideas, from people that have been through all this. I've just been doing files in SW from scratch & mixing the softwares a bit as needed for new projects. I know I need to get in there & start probably converting some drawings, and learn for myself what works, but I just thought perhaps some would have some general ideas, etc. about migration.

   Thks in advance for any input

                        rob_d(2009 sp4)