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When Things Change --- Change Everything !!!

Question asked by Pankaj Bir on Feb 12, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2010 by Raymond Pearson

Dear All,


Nobody can stem the tide of new technology.  Whether it drives you out of your comfort zone or not.


Change will unfortunately be dictated by a few and will impact a large number of people. That's the way the cookie

crumbles guys. Get real !!!


Cloud computing has been around for some time now. What's the use of having software sitting on your workstation

if you don't use it productively. Creative people sometimes give the productivity  angle a miss. They really are more

concerned of delivering the best product sometimes ignoring that the requirement must be met in time.

No wonder that engineering is constantly bashed  out of its nest by guys from the other departments.


Productivity and cost will finally drive the new direction. With it will come the new design paradigm .


For people in the loop you either swim with the current or drown in the tide. No option buddy.

One man companies yes maybe. But then design is becoming more collaborative more multi company and more


3D design has still not come to dominate the scene as one imagined. 2D design still reigns. The problems to both are

unique. But with hardware and software slowly catching up ...........


It's essential not to ignore the challenges being presented by new technological developments. Have the solutions ready and

launch them when the threat perception is high. - that's the rule to survival. Or simply drive the change and force everybody

else to change. This need courage and character and absolute conviction that the change is essential and knowing that this is what people

want. Or that the change is powerful and will improve the status quo. You then are a pioneer and leader and not a follower.

We want to pioneer that change !!!


SolidWorks  has come out of the shadow to some extent from its AutoCad roots. It has surpassed the limitations of its

core philosophy. Although it still depends upon it.

Its time to take a new path and to consolidate on the gains of the current approach. We want to lead not to follow !!

We want to set the next trend .

Leaders keep abreast of technology and eventually dictate it. Leaders tread the new path and "boldly  go where no

one  has gone before."


This is your captain signing off.


Pankaj Bir