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    Video card question - HDMI?

    Monty Montgomery



      I will be purchasing a new computer next week.  I will be getting a Quadro® FX 4800 card.  I see the card has (2)HDMI and (1)DVI outputs.  The monitors I am using have DVI inputs. Is anyone using an HDMI to DVI adapter?  Is anyone using a monitor with an HDMI input.


      I have not seen HDMI other then on my home TV.  Is this the up and coming thing?  Is it better video quality than DVI?  Will having an HDMI to DVI adapter reduce quality?


      THanks Lots



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          Charles Culp

          From my understanding, the only real difference between HDMI and DVI is that HDMI carries audio, and DVI cannot. I know some new video cards can actually output the sound for you through the video card, so if that is of value to you look and see if yours can. It probably isn't so it probably doesn't matter.


          There is no difference in video quality between the two.

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            Mahir Abrahim
            What Charles said is true, but I don't think any of the Quadro cards actually come with HDMI.  They use DisplayPort connectors.  They look like HDMI ports, but they don't carry audio.  In theory you should be able to use a DisplayPort to DVI adapter to hook up your typical LCD, but I've read that people have been having some bad experiences with getting that to work out of the box.  This actually swayed my recent decision to buy a FX1700 instead of a FX1800.  The 1800 has more memory, blah blah, but it also requires that you use at least one DisplayPort for a dual screen setup.  Hope this helps.