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    Qty Column in BOM missing

    Seth Renigar

      I've got an old assembly drawing that I'm updating.  While I was at it, I wanted to get rid of the old Excel BOM and insert a SW BOM.  I'm using the exact same BOM template that I've been using for a very long time, and never had problems with it.  But this time, the QTY column is missing, and the description column does not populate.  I can't figure out why.


      I did some testing by inserting the exact same assembly into a new drawing, and using yet again the exact same BOM template.  The BOM in the new drawing displays everything correctly.


      I compared the Document Properties>Tables>Bill of Materials between the old and the new drawing, and they are identical.


      I've compared the Bill of Material settings on the property tab between the old and the new drawing, and they are identical as well.


      Does anyone have any clue what is causing this.  I feel like its probably something simple that I'm overlooking.  Refer to the pictures for further explaination.


      A few notes about the assembly that this drawing references, that I don't think have any relevance to this problem, but....

      1. The assembly originally contained 3 external parts (the first 3 parts on the BOM).

      2. I have created 3 new internal parts identical to the external ones (to minimize managing unnessicary part files).

      3. The original first 3 external parts are currently suppressed.  I plan to permanently remove them from the assembly, and delete the files from our vault, once I get the BOM in the drawing working correctly.

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          Seth Renigar

          Okay, I figured it out finally, after about 30 minutes.


          I was wrong in that the Bill of Material settings on the property tab was not identical between the old and the new drawing.  Under the Configurations section, there were no configurations selected.  I always thought if there was only one config that it would automatically select it.  It worked that way in the new drawing when I inserted the BOM anyway.  Why it didn't in the old drawing, I don't know.


          So yes, it was something simple that I over looked....  I feel kinda dumb now...  :-)