Calculate the volume of a bottle in litres or Fl Oz

Discussion created by Guest on Oct 26, 2006
Thanks for the answer.
Is this the only way to do it?


on 2006 27 04:28 Seon wrote:
> Extrude a solid body around the bottle, with the top surface where you like to have
> the filling level.. Uncheck Merge result.
> Select Insert/Features/Combine from the menu and select Subtract.
> Subtract the bottle from the Extrution.
> The result will be 2 solid bodies.
> Open the Solid bodies folder in the Design tree and right click on the body which is
> outside the bottle and select "Hide solid body".
> Select Tools/Mass properties from the menu. Tic off "Include Hidden
> Bodies/Components".
> Click Recalculate and by Volume you can read the Bottles volume.