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File versions in assemblies.

Question asked by Robert Cooper on Feb 12, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2010 by Josh Rayner

Hi All,


My first post!


I have asked my VAR this question but didn't get a satisfactory answer so have decided to throw it out into the community.


I have an assembly lets call it A.SLDASM and in it are parts 01.SLDPRT 02.SLDPRT 03.SLDPRT


and I have a sub assembly SUBA.SLDASM with parts 21.SLDPRT 22.SLDPRT 23.SLDPRT


What I would like to do is update the versions on the assemblies and some of the parts and maintain the in context references etc.


So: -


A.SLDASM becomes B.SLDASM 02.SLDPRT becomes 02B.SLDPRT




Therefore I can open the B.SLDASM of the mould tool and see the unchanged parts and those that have been updated.


I trust this explanation is clear.


I already carry out the updating of parts by doing a SAVE AS but the assembly side of it isn't working.


Any thoughts.


I have SW Standard 2009.