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SW 2010 SP2.1 Clean Install... sorta

Question asked by Dennis Bowman on Feb 11, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2010 by Dennis Bowman

Boy, do I feel dumb. I recently had problems after upgrading from 2010 SP1.0 x64 to SP 2.1. system hangs during all sorts of operations... save, rebuild, configuration changes. After a week I contacted my VAR and they instructed my to perform a clean install then sent me a PDF with precise instructions. I "Did all that" but the problems continued. So, each time I would jump into the Regedit and dump the HKCR\Software\Solidworks\Solidworks 2010 then restart the system then restart SW then use the "copy settings wizard" utility to get up and going quickly.


Has anyone looked into the file: "swSettings.sldreg"? Well, I finally looked at it and realized I was re-introducing all of the problems into my "clean" system... all kinds of registry edits directing SW to look for non-existing files. aaarrrrggghhh


So, now, after a clean install and taking the time to remake the tool bars, locate templates and all the other preference choices my SW is stable. Days of lost time. So, learn from my dumb mistake and avoid using the "copy setting wizard" unless you REALLY understand what is being copied.


Productive Again...


Dennis Bowman