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    1970 Reference date Issue

    Kevin Vaughan

      I have recently switched from PDM workgroup to EPDM and updated to SW2010 SP2  - and ran the upgrade tool on all files in the vault.  Recently, upon checking in an assemlby I get a warning that the assembly is not rebuilt (even though I just did)  Expanding the warning shows that the child parts have a reference date of 1970 and need to be rebuilt.  Over time the number of files having this issue has increased - has anyone seen this?

      What the heck is a reference date?

      The attached assembly contains a sample

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          Joy Garon

          Hi Kevin,


          There have been some reported issues with the file is rebuilt warning.

          The 1970 date is just a null value - meaning it cannot find the timestamp for the references in the assembly file being checked in.  Opening and saving in SW usually fixes it.


          Best Regards,


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            Tony Greising-Murschel



            I've been having this problem too.  I recently began using EPDM from another system due to position change and thought this might have been a quirk with newly registered files for some reason.  But the list below are files that have at least 2 versions, some even have over 12.  I have found NO WAY to rebuild deep enough to get this message to disappear forever.  I have gone down to the part level, done the "Rebuild All Configurations" trick, CTRL+Q, CTRL+B, etc.


            Screenshot - 2_15_2010 , 1_45_30 PM.png


            Anyone else seeing what Kevin and I are seeing on EPDM 2010 SP2.0??