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A sharing violation occurred while accessing an unnamed file

Question asked by Karl Motherwell on Feb 11, 2010
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I'm getting the message "a sharing violation occurred while accessing an unnamed file" when attempting to create mesh in parts using SW2010 x64 SP2.1. the message appears in a dialogue box titled 'Solidworks'.


When this occurs it greys out all Simulation toolbar options and I cannot right-click on the study features either - I either need to close and re-open the file being worked on or unload and reload the Simulation Add-in to re-enable Simulation tools.  It seems to occur when I perform 'high quality' meshes (Draft quality unchecked), but it also occurs when I increase mesh from coarse to fine whether Draft quality is checked or not.



The parts I am simulating are not complex by any means and I have de-featured as much as possible before creating the study.  In any case, if geometry was too complex I would expect a Mesh failure message.  At first I thought it might be a corrupt model but I have even been able to recreate the problem using a Simulation Tutorial part file downloaded from the SW site!


The system is a brand new, Win 7 x64 Pro, AMD Phenom II X4 955, 8GB RAM, ATI FirePro 5700 with fresh install of  Solidworks 2010 SP2.1.  Bare minimum of programs installed: Office 2007, Adobe Reader, Firefox and CCleaner as its purely for CAD use.  Everything else seems to run sweet as a nut, including Part, Assy, Drawing, Photoworks etc.


All files are stored locally on C drive in user/xxxx/documents folder and all other user file locations have been set in options to local directories as its a single seat installation so not reading from the network at all.


Any help to resolve this would be much appreciated, I have not been able to contact VAR yet as it only occured this afternoon and is first time I have used SW Simulation add-in except for VAR training course last week!


Yours hopefully




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