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    Right Mouse Button Click causes Solidworks to Hang

    Pankaj Bir

      In the open file dialog box if the right mouse button is clicked Solidworks hangs. You have to end the session and

      start all over again. This is especially true while trying to navigate or picking a folder highlighted with a right mouse

      button click.


      This problem is being faced by me with the Solidworks 2010 SP2.1 64 bit edition . The operating system is

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit edition.

      The system is a Xeon 5590 3.3Ghz  24 GB ram system.

      FX3800 GB Graphics Card System


      Could somebody help me with a solution to this problem.


      Pankaj Bir

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          Dennis Bowman



          Sorry, but I cannot help at the moment but am having odd problems with SW 2010 SP2.1 x64 running on XP64. Beginning this week SW hangs... and it could be on a right click.. but each time it has occured during a 'save' or rebuild which involves some sort of clicks. Regardless, the 'hang' symptom is my processors go to 50% of processer capacity and the process never completes. Although i can shut down the process (ctl alt delete) when SW is restarted the process begins where it left off. That is, the SW splash never appears after starting SW... instead, my cpu goes back to 50% capacity trying to complete whatever was going on prior to the shutdown. So, the process is persistent (even after a re-boot!)


          The only solution, so far, is to go into regedit and dump the solidworks key then restart SW, let it initialize the register, then import my settings, locate files under options and start working again. I get to do this about 4 times a day. Very productive. I cannot revert to 2009 version because all of my current work is in the 2010 format.


          My 32 bit SW verson on my laptop does not exhibit this problem... so while the desktop is grinding away... regedit, reboot, reload SW, import settings, locate files I get real work done on the laptop. So why bother with the desktop? I am preparing a Operations and Maintance manual for a recent project and need assembly drawings... huge files that bog down my little dual core laptop. I will submit this latest issue to my VAR this morning. BUT, your observation that the condition may be initiated by a right click is a clue. I am using a Logitech M5500 wireless mouse with the latest driver (as of last week). So far, my issue has not been repeatable but, again, I have not observed a specific action that initiated the hang.





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            Wayne Tiffany

            No problem noticed here on XP64.



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              Raymond Pearson

              Are you using MS Desktop search? - There are a few posts concerning file indexing..the fact that this happens on a file open dialog sounds like it may be index related. Are you accessing files from the network or locally?