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BOM in assembly bloating file size

Question asked by Mike Lowinske on Feb 10, 2010




I have a rather large assembly. At top level it has about 140 parts and subassemblies and multiple instances of each many times. Due to the assembly file's size (about 40 Mb) I am having to break the pages of the drawing for it into a dozen or so separate drawing files in order for SW to not completely freeze up (which it does if I have multiple sheets inside of the same drawing file). I have been trying to figure out a way to do a BOM such that I only have to have it show up on the first drawing page, but when I call out items on the other pages in the other files it still shows up with the same item numbering. Now, I have to rearrange the items in a certain order in the BOM, which is different from the arrangement they would come in if I just told SW to insert a BOM for that top level assembly in each sheet. I figured out that one way to organize the BOM in the structure I need it in so that I can have it on the first page/file and have the item numbering preserved across all the pages/files is to create the BOM in the assembly file and then drag the rows to whatever order I need them to be in. However, in doing this, the file size of the assembly bloats to nearly 400Mb. I just can't work with this because of how large it is. Is there any other way to do what I need to do or to prevent the BOM in the assembly from increasing the file size?


BTW I'm running SW2010 sp0 on win xp pro 64.