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File Conversion problems

Question asked by Landy Pina on Feb 10, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2010 by Hugh Kanner

Hi there,


We just upgraded from SW 2007 SP3 and PDMWorks Enterprise 2007 SP5 to the 2010 SP2 applications.  All the clients installed fine and now we are up against the conversion of our vaults.  We had an issue where we could not locate the "FileUpgradeVersion" utility and our VAR told us where it was.  We started the upgrading of all the files within ePDM to 2010 format and it is taking forever.  Started on  Monday around 11am CST and as of this post it is still not even to 60% complete.  We had 3 machines running the conversion and one of them seems to have finished so the other 2 are still chugging away.  Our vaults are only 28GB in size...Any ideas if this is too long or a standard amount of time for upgrading?  I have heard people say it only takes 2 hours for our size vaults to convert.