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Cut lists in indented BOMs buggy

Question asked by Terry Raymond on Feb 10, 2010
Latest reply on May 10, 2010 by Terry Raymond

I need a full BOM of a multi-level assembly that includes weldments and their members.  With SW2008 SP5, I have to make this BOM manually in Excel.


Cut list items do not show up correctly in indented assembly BOMs in SW2008. I've played around with it a good bit; it is a very buggy feature. Sometimes the cut list items show in the indented BOM, sometimes they don't.  If i'm able to get most of them show, they dissappear if I save the weldment part with a new filename.  The threads on this forum seem to verify the bugginess.


Is this feature fixed in SW2010?  Can someone post a screencap?


Or is there a magical setting that fixes this in SW2008? Pretty please? =)