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    Error: BomGui

    Nikita Golovlev

      Wasn't sure where to post this, but considering "Gui" I thought this to be a good bet.. also sorry if this has been dealt with before, please point me to the solution


      Anyway, I keep getting an error message titled "BomGui".


      The message is: "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation". I have seen another one as well that I didn't write down. It always happens when you open a part from an assembly, and then go back to the assembly either by closing the part or Ctrl-tab.


      The error is really annoying because once you click OK it instantley pops up again, meaning you have to Ctrl-alt-del and shut down SW.


      Please help cause this is really anoying.


      I'm on SW10 2.1 (same thing was in 2.0), winXP 32bit.

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          John Sweeney

          Hi Nikita,

          I don't see that window title or error message anywhere in our code.  This error may be getting caught by the operating system which is showing a generic error dialog.  If you can reproduce the problem, please pass it along to your VAR so they can get a problem report written and an SPR generated.



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              Nikita Golovlev

              Thanks John,


              I uninstalled what I suspected to be the problem - Toolworks BOMmanager. I uninstalled that and the problem disappeared. However, the Maxwell render plugin stopped working. Reinstalling that (repairing actually) fixed the problem. Thought you may want to know, since I didn't contact my VAR.