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SWX 2010 SP2.1 64bit hangs at startup

Question asked by Solid Works on Feb 10, 2010
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I´ve got some problems with a new SWX2010 SP2.1 Maschine with WIN7 Ultimate 64bit.

When I startup SWX2010 after Installation end of Dec 2009 erverything is OK. Windows is completely new installed.

But approx 3 weeks later the startup of SWX takes up to 4 minutes, using 50% CPU. When it´s startet everything is OK.

When changing options than i have to wait up to 1 minute.

I only want to use this installation at home for training new methods and making some guides for our other users, so this is not so important to me, but it is weird! 

I contact my support, but they only say it´s the Nvidia 8800GTS (not certified) but i used this for 3 weeks with no problem.

The previous installation on this Hardware was Vista 64bit with 200964bit and 201064bit   - also without problems and with the same graphicscard.

I clean up the install, reinstall without Virusscanner, as Admin -  nothing happens - same result, I have to wait up to 4 minutes.


Does anyone have some clues for me?


many thanks in advice