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Motion => do you really use it?

Question asked by Loic Ancian on Feb 9, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2010 by Ian Hogg



Just a simple question. I ve been trying to solve a couple of standard motion problems (not models from the training manual if you know what I mean) using SW motion.


Not only animation (It works) but motion where you can get forces, contacts, motors, and so on.


And this was a nightmare, I had to start over again and again. The solver failed to converge again and again. Interferences between parts that should be in contact..!!!?

Performances are very poor and if someone can explain to me how the post processing works...? There is obviously a confusion between displacement and position... Graphs are very difficult to understand.


So I would like to know if you guys already managed to get something out of this product. SOmething intereting without spending days on it on an industrial case.