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    Stupidworks forgets how to save

    Robin Oury



      Before you blame network…this IMAGE was saved in the same location SW failed to save.  I even tried to save to the local C drive, SW Failed to save.  Eventually I used task manager, killed stupidworks and recreated the 20 minutes of work.

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          Greg Hynd
          with that many errors in your drawing you should be thankfull it didnt save!
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            Tapani Sjoman

            Something with configurations? Or ... chamfers ???





            Randy Ooms :

            May 20, 2009 5:59 PM in response to: Ali McCartney

            Failed To Save Document

            This works at our site about 95% of the time.


            If you get "Failed to save document" try this
            1. Right click a component in the feature manager


            2. Select "configure component" for assemblies or "Configure Feature" for parts


            3. Down in the lower left corner, there's a rebuild button with a drop down arrow next to it. Hit the drop down and select "Rebuild All Configurations".


            4. When it's done, click ok to exit the dialog.


            5. You should be able to now save.
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                Andy Sanders
                ^^^"Rebuild All Configurations" trick works for me 99% of the time.
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                    Michael Kramer

                    We have been having this a lot lately and are having our VAR to look into it. We are loosing mass amounts of time to it. I have not had any luck with any of the work arounds such as the rebuilds and configurations. I just don't understand how SW can have this issues and I have not ever seen it in any other program, ever.



                    BTW I love your file naming convention.

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                        Josh Brady


                        When you have this issue, is it with saving assemblies or parts?  When you save an assembly, SW also saves all of its components.  If one of those components is the one generating the "Failed to save" message, rebuilding the top-level assembly configs won't do it.


                        Next time, try this macro.  It will rebuild all configurations of all documents referenced by the current assembly.  It starts at the lowest level of the assembly and works its way up to the top level.  Obviously, this may take some time.


                        There are several message boxes with different options on how to do it.  One in particular asks for the limit on number of configs to be rebuilt.  The idea for that is that sometimes you may have fasteners or something with a lot of configs that are generated by a design table but have never actually been activated.  Non-activated configs generated by a design table don't add much to file size, but once you activate/rebuild them they do.

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                            Michael Kramer
                            Will do Josh. You are correct that we were saving an assembly and I was only rebuilding the configs in the assembly. It makes it harder for me when I bairly use the program anymore. Thanks for the help and I will let you know how it goes.
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                              Robin Oury
                              I was only saving a part file
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                                  Josh Brady
                                  If I recall correctly (your picture attachment is no longer available - I guess due to the profanity it contained), the active file was a drawing.  Which were you trying to save? A drawing or a part?  Did you attempt any of the things listed in this thread?
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                                      Greg Hynd



                                      Robin tends to come on this forum just to blow off steam. If you read some of his other posts (as you probably have) you will see that he doesn't listen to advice posted here. this is because he knows all there is to know about SolidWorks, apparently. Someone who has the time in there day to re-name a part to what his was obviously hasn't got enough to do in his day, this is why he spends 90% of his time complaining, rather then getting his job done.

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                                    Tapani Sjoman

                                    @ Josh


                                    Thanks Josh for this tool! Looks great! Added few simple lines to bring MsgBoxes front in 64 bit system:




                                    Set swApp = Application.SldWorks
                                    Set swDoc = swApp.ActiveDoc

                                    ' ### TaS Start
                                    MsgReply = MsgBox("Regen all - Continue?", vbMsgBoxSetForeground + vbSystemModal + vbYesNo)
                                    If vbYes = MsgReply Then
                                    ' Continue
                                    Else: End
                                    End If
                                    ' ### TaS End (following MsgBox added also ", vbMsgBoxSetForeground + vbSystemModal")

                                    If swDoc.GetType <> swDocASSEMBLY Then
                                        MsgBox "assemblies only!", vbMsgBoxSetForeground + vbSystemModal
                                        Exit Sub
                                    End If

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                                      Michael Kramer


                                        I tried your macro and it didnt work. Still not able to save after running it a couple times on two different "Fail to saves" We are trying to get it down so that it is repeatable but is hard to do. One of our guys has been getting it at least once a day. We thought it might be an updating issue from going to 06 to 09 but we are having everyone save prior to doing any work to upgrade all the files and he still got the FTS.

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                                          Anna Wood



                                          Are you saving to your local hard drives or to network drives?


                                          We get the Failed to Save messages when we have connectivity issues with our servers.  We work over the network.  We do not get the Failed to Save very often, maybe a couple times a year.  But it usually happens on a day our IT guys are having minor network issues.





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                                          Tapani Sjoman

                                          Today I got jummed with an assembly with about 3900 parts in it. Screen was not responding, tried to close SW but got that "failed to save" and SW crushed. Could not get it work even with PC restart. Then I remembered RebuildTimesAllConfigs. Pushed the button and did rebuild. The macro was running, jummed, running again, crushed. But my screen started to work again! Save document - ok.



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                                    Simon Richardson

                                    sorry, but I had to ask - surely 20 mins is too long between saves? thats just asking for trouble.


                                    By the way - I had "fail to save" often with my old xp x32 machine- havent had it once on win7 x64.............2 months in and counting


                                    might be time for an upgrade? 

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                                      Robin Oury

                                      Sorry about the profanity, I didn’t upload it intentionally.

                                      What happened was that I was trying to save and solidworks was FAILING.  Eventually I began trying to save to other locations, SW was still FAILING.  AS I got to the point where I realized I was going to lose work I got pissed and when saving to other locations.  But SW failed so it didn't occur to me to examine the screen shot to see if maybe it somehow got in the title bar.  My apologies, I didn't intentionally include profanity in the screen shot.

                                      It seems we can add this to the bug description: when failing it may think it’s succeeding and display the failed attempted file name in the title bar.


                                      Back to the subject at hand.  SW is failing to save.

                                      The VAR clearly knows this is an issue as there’s ten things that they ‘attempt’ to do to solve the problem

                                      Unfortunately, the Failed to Save message is something that doesn't have a hard fix to it and in my experience, it's rarely repeatable and continues to be a random problem. Below are some areas to help with prevention or narrowing down the problem:


                                      <!--[if !supportLists]-->1.    <!--[endif]-->Check the location of the SolidWorks journal file; it should exist on a local drive rather than a network drive.

                                      **yes, it’s on a local drive

                                      2. Under Tools > Options > System Options > Backup/Recover, set the "Save auto-recover info every" option from  "x" changes to a higher value. In addition, reduce the number of backups per document to 1.

                                      **autorecover is set to 10 minutes, backup copies is disabled.  This is not a setting I normally use because not having backups w/ SW is very dangerous, I have now changed this setting to 10.  Disabling backups is not a viable solution to this problem and since it wasn’t enabled anyway, it’s a moot point.

                                      3. If the location of the backup files is the same as the original file, (Tools > Options > System Options > Backup/Recover > "Save backup files in the same location as the original" is checked), then change it to another location on a local drive.

                                      **the location of the backup file is NOT the same as the original, it’s local in the Users folder.  I have just now changed these to c:\temp\SWbackups and c:\temp\SWautorecover as these are my normal defaults.

                                      4. In some cases, add-ins may contribute to this issue.  Disable all add-ins and retest the issue, and/or delete the contents of the following  registry keys (with SolidWorks closed) and then retest the issue:

                                      - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\AddInsStartup
                                      - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks\Addins
                                      - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 200X\AddIns
                                      ***no add ins were running

                                      5. Check if the problem only occurs with SolidWorks files.  Assuming the file is located in a network location, create a non-SolidWorks document as a different user and place it in the same network location.  Save it from the machine having failed to save problems. 

                                      ***problem is ONLY with SW.  NO problems with any other programs.  SW failed to save to the local drive too, though it seems to have displayed the attempt in the title bar.

                                      6. Determine if other process are accessing the file.  From the machine hosting the fil,e go to Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Administrative Tools > Computer Management.  From here, browse to Shared Folders -> Open Files and note the open sessions that point to the file being saved; if there are more than one, then that means that there is another process using the file.  If this is the case, a Save as should succeed.


                                      ***will have to try this one next time SW fails to save and loses all my work.

                                      7. Move the file on local drive and try logging in as a different user (e.g. local administrator).

                                      ***will have to try this one next time SW fails to save and loses all my work.  My user is already an administrator.

                                      8. Create a new user profile and login, then see if the file can be saved on both the network drive and the local drive.

                                      ***will have to try this one next time SW fails to save and loses all my work.

                                      9. Ensure that Is Windows Desktop Search, if installed, is not indexing the file(s) while it is being saved as this could  interrupt the save process.  If installed, temporarily uninstall Windows Desktop Search to see if that isolates the cause.

                                      ***indexing is not enabled.  This is win7 x64.

                                      10. If any anti-virus or anti-spyware applications are installed and running on the system, try disabling them, temporarily, to see if the problem persists.

                                      ***AVG cannot be ‘temporarily disabled’  Only way to shut it down is to edit the properties of the service, change to disabled, then reboot the machine.  Obviously this does nothing for me when SW fails to save.


                                      Greg Hynd’s comments are always ‘you are imagineing things, it’s all your fault’ I wish he’d take his useless comments elsewhere, but alas, I cannot stop him from cluttering up an obviously valid thread.

                                      This 'antivirus' excuse is getting really old.  If SW can't play nice with modern antivirus programs maybe they need to take a hard look at their code.  Every other program cohabitates with modern antivirus, why can't Solidworks?


                                      Lastly, I find the sheer number of bugs in SolidWorks to be very disappointing. Clearly this is yet another problem that many other users experience, yet Solidoworks has not taken this seriously and addressed the bug.


                                      I have to say, I discontinued my maintenance in 2005 because of how buggy SW had become.  SW 2005 was a disaster.  I ended up uninstalling it and deleting all the models created in it, went back to 2004 and took hiatus from maintenance.  Now I’m back and I see 2010 is even worse, bugs littering the application in basic form, installation and update failures, save failures, constraint failures and more.  I haven’t even tried to do anything complex and have run into many show stopping bugs. 


                                      I know SW can do great things and enables engineers to do things we couldn’t do 20 years ago, but my gosh, with the money we spend on this product and the serious professional nature of the application you would think they would debug it instead of flinging known buggy products out to users to debug.


                                      I like a lot of the ‘new’ features I see, but if I have to spend all my time recreating work due to a save failure, or have to spend 10 times as much time defining a simple sketch because SW broke the constraint engine, or….it’s just not worth it.


                                      Now, I have work to do, I do not have any more time today to fiddle around with buggy missbehaving programs.


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                                          Josh Brady

                                          I am trying to be patient.


                                          You uploaded the same screenshot with the same profanity.  Try to be more careful.


                                          You posted a big list of suggestions from your VAR.  You may have tried those.  However, none of those suggestions match the ones in this thread.  I ask again - have you tried the suggestions listed here?


                                          The "Failed to save document" issue is relatively common (as you can ascertain by doing a search here), but difficult to repeat.  The configuration rebuilding methods listed here have been most reliable for me, as well as other very experienced users on this forum.  Please try them next time.


                                          We all recognize the software as being buggy.  Ranting about it in every single post serves no purpose.  I do not doubt that some issues you have are due to bugs.  Some of your issues have turned out to be PEBCAK errors.  Immediately blaming every issue on the software and venting your frustration here instantly puts you in a combative stance.  Although your ire may not be directed at other forum users, this still forces us into a defensive stance when dealing with you.  This is not pleasant for us.  Rant to your VAR if you like, but this is a community of users for users that is occasionally frequented by SW employees.  If you want the best help available from the most knowledgeable SW users here, I suggest that you vent your frustrations before posting and attempt to corral your temper.

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                                              Robin Oury

                                              I don't see anything else in the image, what did I miss?


                                              I did answer the 'suggestions' I could.  Running a macro will have to wait until the next time it fails to save as I have already killed Solidworks, lost the work and diagnostic time and recreated the work.

                                              Running a macro now is a bit like locking the barn door after the horses are gone.  I'll have to wait for the horses to come back to try locking the door again.


                                              Whatever, I'm out of here, without drawings again... good thing I still have a pencil.

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                                              Richard Doyle

                                              The image was removed (again) for the same reason as before - profanity - this time in the FeatureTree.


                                              Please refrain from posting such images.



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                                                Josh Brady
                                                C'mon, Tim, let's be fair.  Save that one for a post where it applies.  "Failed to save document" hits the best of us.
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                                                    Robin Oury

                                                    I can honestly say that in the 15 years I've been using Solidworks I have NEVER had a failed to save while the server was running and there is full connectivity to it.  And if for some reason the server did drop out I was always able to save to the local drive.


                                                    SW2010SP2.1 is the first time I have ever had a 'failed to save' when the server is still completly accessable by other programs on the machine that's running SW and by other computers on the network.


                                                    Further, in the 'failed to save' I hit the other night SW would NOT save to the local drive either.  Killing SW, starting SW and opening the same files and it was working again - of course, the work was lost and the diagnostic time was lost.

                                                    Neither the computer running Solidworks nor the file server were rebooted.

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                                                        Anna Wood



                                                        Consider yourself lucky then.... :-)


                                                        The Failed to Save issue has been around forever and has hit many of us at one time or another through the years.





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                                                            Marc Meyer
                                                            Indeed, Anna.  I've experienced it once, and a coworker twice, and we've only been using SW for 3 years.  And we're not even on SW2010.
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                                                              Robin Oury

                                                              I guess I should have qualified that...I have never had it happen with SW2004 or any prior version down to SW95.  SW2005 was abysmal and I uninstalled it, tossed all the models, went back to 2004 and discontinued maintenance (hoping my checkbook would speak louder than user's complaints about instability and bugs.)

                                                              So it would seem that somewhere between 2004 and 2009 this 'failure to save' bug crept into the code.


                                                              That's not to say that a failure to save hasn't occured when a server goes down, exceeds it's connection limit or someone trips over a network cable, etc.  But what I experienced the other night was pretty clearly not network related since SW couldn't save to the local disk either.


                                                              Good to know others are experiencing the same bug, perhaps SW can put some attention on fixing it since it's pretty clearly hitting a large population.

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                                                                  Dave Vanderplaat

                                                                  Robin, I have also had the same "fail to save" bug as you.  I work from home and am not on a network so I'm sure its not related to that.


                                                                  I also have tried many of the suggestions listed in this post but have never found anything that works.  I've lost a fair number of hours to this as auto recover doesn't work all the time either.


                                                                  Don't let anyone discourage you from "ranting".  The squeaky wheel gets the oil, or at least that's how its supposed to work.


                                                                  I am also EXTREMELY frustrated with the reliability of Solidworks software.  It's unfortunate because the product would be fantastic otherwise.  It's kind of like buying a nice new car that has awesome bells & whistles but has a serious break-down every other day.  It's infuriating to pay this much over and over again every year for a product that just seems to get worse instead of better. 

                                                                  Anyway it's due to issues like this that my colleagues and I are considering a switch to Inventor, never mind the cost.  I've just about had it with random crashes and bugs.  And in case you're wondering it's not related to my computer system - I have a brand new higher end system and I've read enough posts on this forum to know that this is no guarantee to not have bugs.


                                                                  By the way, if you could somehow photograph the things that come out of my mouth sometimes when dealing with Solidworks software, I'd probably get kicked out of this forum if I posted it.. so don't feel bad about the profanity in your screenshot

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                                                                      Steve Calvert

                                                                      OK, some may be offended by this so look the other way.


                                                                      If you lose hours of work because you had some kind of "save failure" than you're a Blockhead.  The most work I've ever lost at one time have only been a few features.  Save early and save often, regardless of how stable your Software is.



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                                                                          Dave Vanderplaat

                                                                          when I really get into something I sometimes forget to save.  This goes for other computer programs besides Solidworks.  Why is it that I NEVER lose any work while working in any other program, but in Solidworks I do?  The simple answer is that other software is better/more stable than Solidworks.  In this day and age I shouldn't have to worry if I forget to save every 5 minutes!!!  At the very least there should be an auto-save that works flawlessly... which there isn't.

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                                                                              Mark Larson

                                                                              I guess I would agree more with Dave than Steve, I should not have to reserve brain cells for saving, that is something the software should do for me, what I am doing SW cannot do by itself, the saving it can.


                                                                              I will turn Steve's comment around: if you have time to think about saving, either you are not working hard or what you are doing must not need many brain cells. I am saying that in jest, we should all save and save often, but still, that should and can be something SW does for us.

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                                                                                Jeff Holliday
                                                                                Would you please list the names of some of the other software that you never lose data in when using? It could be a big help to people trying to decide the relative merits between similar-use programs. I hope that the readers will be able to fairly compare between them - in other words, please do not compare a word-processor's reliability with a more complicated software used for, let's say, solid-modeling.
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                                                                                    Dave Vanderplaat
                                                                                    Why can't I compare a word processor to Solidworks? You people have to start demanding better.  I don't care if it's more complicated.  It costs 50 times as much. it should work just as well.
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                                                                                        Jeff Holliday

                                                                                        I fully understand the concerns and I agree it would be ideal if reliability was better than it was. I'm not too clear as to the meaning of "you-people". I wasn't aware that there were at least 2 groups of designers/engineers - ones that don't care vs those that do care or maybe those that rant vs those that attempt to get a problem solved.


                                                                                        I do appreciate the list of software that you provided in answer to my last question.

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                                                                                          Steve Calvert

                                                                                          Dave, that's what we're trying to say.  You CAN'T compare a word processor to a CAD package.  Millions of lines of code.  I'm truely amazed what these CAD packages can do.  Just think of the math alone.  That's why I don't bitch very much because over the years I've to expect a little mis-behavin with my CAD package (maybe wrongly on my part but that's the way I am), I just make sure I don't lose any work or very little if possible.  Heck, I save often while in Word.



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                                                                                              Dave Vanderplaat

                                                                                              Look at Toyota.  They are getting killed by recalls because of a problem that is exceedingly rare.  What if people held Solidworks to the same standard?  I would argue that they should, or at least should go more in that direction.  You might say that lives are on the line in the case of Toyota so they need to be held to higher standards, but I can think of lots of things that are designed in Solidworks that could seriously injure someone... who's to say the Solidworks glitches aren't hurting as many people as Toyota's gas pedals are?


                                                                                              I am not a computer programmer, and I have no interest in helping Dassault Systems debug their software.  That is their job.  Maybe they should come out with a million new features every 3 years instead of every year, and use that extra time to focus on making the stuff they already have work properly.  If you want me to help debug software then I should be getting paid, instead of paying a yearly subscription fee.


                                                                                              I do not always save often, and I am also not a blockhead.  I think anyone who pays year after year for a crappy product and doesn't demand that the product get better is a blockhead.


                                                                                              Anyway, I'm sure you can see I'm frustrated. I don't mean to take it out on people who don't deserve it.  I just think people have to be less accepting of glitches in the software... especially at the price we're paying.

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                                                                                                  Steve Calvert

                                                                                                  I'm not trying to be "less accepting of glitches" I'm trying to make sure they don't bite me in the ass by being proactive when it comes to saving my work.  It's just me...  I don't run out of gas, I've never lost anything of value (wallet, keys), I'm not late to meetings, I use my turn signal when changing lanes.  This is me, I'm not in to bitching, if it doesn't work - I make sure someone who can fix understands the problem and I move on.


                                                                                                  Let's look at Toyota.  When the first problem came out about sticking gas pedals it was reported that they were sticking because some lazy person couldn't figure out that th floormat was not postitoned correctly thus getting in the way of normal gas pedal movement.  We are a stupid society (look at who we voted in as President), and companies like Toyota have to deal with the lawyers and these people.  Remember the hot coffee at McDonald's.


                                                                                                  Damn glad it's Friday and I have a three day weekend coming up.  Sorry to rant...



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                                                                                                    Neville Williams

                                                                                                    Dave, every time I feel like posting a response on this thread, I already find a reply by you that echos exactly my thoughts.


                                                                                                    Maybe they should come out with a million new features every 3 years instead of every year, and use that extra time to focus on making the stuff they already have work properly. If you want me to help debug software then I should be getting paid, instead of paying a yearly subscription fee


                                                                                                    my 2c  -  This is the nub of it.

                                                                                                    Whilst things like Sustainabilty Express might be all very wonderful and green thinking, I wonder whether most users are really ready for it - or even use it.

                                                                                                    I would be interested to know the percentage of users that use it. I doubt whether half the users have even pushed the button to see what it does!

                                                                                                    If the resources Dassault poured into these widgets & noodles, were redirected into making the core functionality work properly & reliably every time, then they might be moving to a really outstanding & stable product.

                                                                                                    Alas I fear it is going the other way.

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                                                                                                        Tom Helsley

                                                                                                        BULLSEYE, Neville!!!


                                                                                                        I couldn't have stated it better.  New products that go in a new direction (like 'GreenWorks') are not helpful for very many people.  I tried that Sustainability tool during beta, and all I could think was, "this will never get used by my company".  Improvements to modeling tools, and small new features that help improve my modeling tasks are far more usefull to me.  And better handling of that 'Failed to save' message is far more important.  New features are great, but their cost effectiveness pales in comparison to reducing lost data and work.

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                                                                                                      Jay Andrews

                                                                                                      I agree mostly, except, when it comes to saving your work, if a program has an issue that stops allowing saving of your work, then that issue should be figured out and resolved in a reasonable amount of time, not be continued throughout the years of software developement.  At least SW should include some tools to narrow down the problem, like tell you which part or configuration is tripping up the save function, instead of just a generic statement of basically, "I'm not gonna tell you any hint about which or why, but one of the thousand parts in your assembly failed to save, so I'm not gonna save the whole assembly. "

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                                                                                                Tom Helsley

                                                                                                Well I am offended, and I'm not looking the other way.


                                                                                                But on a more serious note, if I wanted to save early and often, then I would turn on the AutoSave feature.  The problem with AutoSave, is it saves at the most inconvenient times... like when I'm rolling along, deep in thought.  AutoSave interrupts my train of thought, especially when saves take a minute or two, or for larger assemblies, up to 5 minutes.  The same problem exists with manually saving frequently.



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                                                                                                    Steve Ostrovsky

                                                                                                    So we've gotten into a discussion of saving, saving often, autosave, don't save, save the whales etc. Of all of the CAD/GIS software I've worked with over the last 14 years, I can only remember one that saved as you went and that was MicroStation. It could do this, but you only got 64 layers and a few other limitations so where's the trade-off? The ubiquitous AutoCAD doesn't save as you go and requires the same methods described here.


                                                                                                    Perspective question for the forum: Those of you who have used other MCAD or similar packages, how does the save feature work for those? Pro/E, UG/NX, CATIA, Inventor, etc. How do they save. Is automatically and the user doesn't have to think about it or is there setup involved with similar pitfalls?

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                                                                                      Robin Oury

                                                                                      Let's see, here's a few of programs I run that either don't crash, or I don't have to worry about saving all the time or now that we are in a multi processor enviromenet save in the background and not interupt my work



                                                                                      Excel (I think one could argue this is a very complex program)


                                                                                      Visual Jobshop







                                                                                      MythTV (and this is a beta product that's more stabile than SW)


                                                                                      A bunch of linux apps


                                                                                      This of course doesn’t begin to encompass all my programs, but is the list of ones that generate files.


                                                                                      I agree with the save often thing, but as other users note, this can be very time consuming and interruptive of the creative thought processes.  It's one of the reasons I have multiple computers and a TV, so I can do something else while SW is 'thinking'.



                                                                                      As to the argument that we pay 50x more for SW and should be able to expect it to be stabile enough that saving every minute is not necessary, I agree wholeheartedly.


                                                                                      I hate the bitching process as much or more than anyone else, but when I report problems and all I get for answers is “it must be just you, no one else has problems” I find it not only a flat out lie, but very irritating to be ignored when it’s costing me time and money and I spend a lot of both on this product.


                                                                                      If instead someone from SW said something like: “hey, we know we have this problem and we have a team on it, however the problem is elusive and we haven’t been able to figure it out.   If you have any clues as to why this is happening to you we’d welcome the information.” 

                                                                                      I can say for sure that I’d respond very differently than I do the “it’s your imagination” answer.


                                                                                      I know this stuff is complex, but my impression after watching SW mature from 95 thru today is that it’s a lemmings like race for the newest geegaw widget they can put in a marketing brochure and ignoring the core issues like stability, a sketcher that (for all intents and purposes) hasn’t changed in a decade, in fact we’ve had some regression (see constraint problems which are new.)


                                                                                      I find that SW’s stance on taking SPRs from public to private so we can’t look up bugs anymore is shameful.  The fact that they are shipping releases with thousands of known bugs is shameful.  They should be embarrassed over this.  How can you ship a product with thousands of bugs?  Of course,  I don’t know what 2010 has because they have made it private, but I know that 2005 shipped with more than 2000 documented bugs.  I also know that I have reported SPRs under my name that (as of 2005) went back several releases.  That means that documented, reproducible bugs stayed in the program thru multiple releases without getting fixed.


                                                                                      This is the kind of stuff that drives me crazy in an app that I spend so much money on and have to make my living on.


                                                                                      If Solidworks were an airplane the FAA would ground it permanently.

                                                                                      If Solidworks were an automobile from a major manufacture the NTSB would ban it from the roads and force a recall.


                                                                                      Honestly I think SW is the very best CAD application out there when it comes to ease of use and what it can do, but the stability and prevalence of bugs is horrible.  They should take one year off of the march of the lemmings and focus on bugs and stability.  2011 could be the most stabile version ever.  I suspect that will not happen and 2011 will have more bugs than ever.

                                                                                        • Re: Stupidworks forgets how to save
                                                                                          Neville Williams

                                                                                          <They should take one year off of the march of the lemmings and focus on bugs and stability>


                                                                                          Here here - I agree 100%.

                                                                                          This is where the focus should be - that and improving speed of saving and even just having the program startup faster

                                                                                          I have been using this program for 10 yrs & I have been on this forum for some time but up until now have not posted.

                                                                                          I cannot believe how many induviduals on this forum spend most of their posts defending Solidworks and it's seemingly increasing number of bugs, quirks and wierdness.

                                                                                          To say that the "Failed to Save" issue has been around for ages and just leave it at that is just pure complacency. This problem needs fixing NOW. Get onto your local reseller and get in their ear.

                                                                                          To say save every 5 mins on a large assembly is just not on. The bulk of users day would be spent saving and doing very little else !!

                                                                                          I recently renewed my sub after a long hard think - hoping for great things from 2010, but it appears not. I am now wondering what my yearly sub money is buying.

                                                                                        • Re: Stupidworks forgets how to save
                                                                                          Tom Helsley

                                                                                          My co-workers, and I have had this "Failed to Save" problem for several years now.  Users used to be able to work around the problem by various method such as "save as..." over the orginial file, or to a different filename, but that no longer works.  It got worse after 2006.  Now, I can't get any of the workarounds to save a file.  Another strange thing I noticed, sometimes, SolidWorks will say "failed to save" even when it actually did save the file(s).


                                                                                          The "Failed to save" message is a general-use message and there are many causes.  My company also works with SolidWorks files on the network, but that is not the only cause for this problem.  I've tried duplicating the lost network / server connection cause, but I never could (like the watched pot that never boils).  I don't know what all the causes are, but I did find one in 2010.  One of the more recent causes that I found is being addressed in SPR 535135 ('Fail to save’ comes up trying to save a virtual component with the option 'Open referenced documents with read-only access'), supposedly for 2010 SP3.0.  But that will only fix one specific cause.


                                                                                          I have a theory about the increased frequency of the "Failed to Save" problem.  There are two parts.


                                                                                          First, I think it has something to do with how the files are opened, locked, and kept open.  This part has probably been around since the beginning of SolidWorks.  But now (since 2007), once the "Failed to Save" flag is set in a SolidWorks file, it can't be removed without closing the file.  That is the lamest part of this problem.  Why can't I save to a new file?  There is no file yet to loose a connection to.  The only reason I can think of, is that SolidWorks doesn't store all of the open files in RAM.  Therefore, in simple terms, if it loses it's connection with the file, then it loses it's pointer to the position in the file.  But I'm just guessing that this is what happens.


                                                                                          The second part, I think is because the save algorithm now incorporates a compression algorithm or something that keeps the file size smaller and for some reason is very sensitive to any interruptions with the file, or the network connection.  I say this because starting in 2007, SolidWorks made changes to compress the file sizes.  If I remember correctly, their first attempt at reducing the file size was abandoned during the first part of beta testing in 2007.  I don't think it was ever mentioned again in the "What's New" documents, but SolidWorks definitely incorporated something to make the file sizes smaller.  I think it was the following year, during beta testing, that we noticed the file sizes were a lot smaller than they used to be.  In fact, there was some discussion of it on the beta boards.  If you watch carefully from windows explorer when saving a file, you see the file's size increase to about double of it's prior size, then it drops down to close to it's original size when it finishes.


                                                                                          While some of you say you can't compare a word processor to SolidWorks, I disagree.  It all comes down to opening a file, saving it, and closing it.  I agree that what SolidWorks does in between opening and saving a file is far more complex than a word processor, but saving a file is not that complex.  The file structure may be complex, and the amount of data may be large, but saving a file in SolidWorks shouldn't be any less reliable than any other program.  I've worked with very  large excel files that are 100's of MBs in size, but I never got a "failed to save" type of error message.  Okay so SolidWorks has many inter-file references.  It still shouldn't make a difference.  Excel can also have many inter-file references and there is no problem.  The application, whether it is a word processor or Excel or SolidWorks, is saving a data structure (or several data structures) to a file.  So, I absolutely disagree with those of you who say you can't compare a word processor to SolidWorks.


                                                                                          I just don't think the folks at SolidWorks are putting much effort into this problem.  They could be brainstorming possible causes.  They could be tracing back through the history of changes and correlating them to the frequency of the problem.  But instead they tell us to capture it in an Rx file and to collect a couple session files, etc..  For them to investigate the problem, it has to be repeatable.  With the "Failed to Save" problem, that's like searching for a needle in a haystack.  There has got to be a better way to get to the root cause(s) of this.


                                                                                          Our companies lose valuable time and money because of this problem.  I say we light our 'torches' with this 'fire' and 'go stand around the front door' of SolidWorks.


                                                                                          Now that I think about it, this problem should have been in the top 10 list... probably the top requested "Enhancement".


                                                                                          BTW,  although the term "StupidWorks" is kind of funny, probably stings a little, and not so professional, I totally empathize with the frustration and anger, etc..  It certainly conveys the feeling well.

                                                                                          • Re: Stupidworks forgets how to save
                                                                                            Derek Bishop

                                                                                            I've had this problem bite me in the past a few times. It is something that SolidWorks should investigate and fix. That said, going for twenty minutes without saving is asking for trouble.

                                                                                            • Re: Stupidworks forgets how to save
                                                                                              Larry Crittenden

                                                                                              Hey Robin:


                                                                                                  I'm only going to pipe up here because I had this hit me for the first time last Monday. I lost an entire days work on 4 projects due to this. The timed-saves failed, my routine "Ctrl+S" failed and because my hourglass is so fast I never noticed the difference (it never appeared at all).

                                                                                                  Anyway, MY fix was to click the "Options" button, and on the "System Options" tab, all the way at the bottom is the "Reset All" button. I half regretably hit that and it worked immediately and has since. Fortuantely I hadn't made too many changes, so I wasn't that worried about any altered settings.


                                                                                              Oh, by the way, don't listen to Greg Hynd. I think his middle initial must be a "B", judging by his contribution to the thread.


                                                                                              Best wishes and good luck.


                                                                                              • Re: Stupidworks forgets how to save
                                                                                                Ryan Petersen

                                                                                                Have you guys ever seen the Charlie Chaplin episode where he works on an assembly line wrenching nuts and bolts?  After he gets off work, his hands are still wrenching away and he can't control it. Its hilarious because it gets him in all kinds of trouble.


                                                                                                Thats my left hand on the key board:  Ctrl S, Ctrl S, Ctrl S . . . . . . . .