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Components grayed out - all attempts to redirect pointers fail

Question asked by Joseph Alviso on Feb 9, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by David Dickinson

Already searched the forum but still cannot find answer. Some components are grayed out in assembly. Parts are suppressed and won't unsupress. The message reads, "The file for this component could not be located". Things I've tried:


By coincidence the parts referenced had a typo in the file names and in a different directory. I did a "Replace Component". The new "correct" file name appeared but the part is still suppressed and can't be unsuppressed. Same message as before "could not be located". However, If I click on the parts and select the "open" icon, the parts will open.


"Find References" shows the correct paths.


"SolidWorks Explorer" shows the correct paths.


File>open>single click file name>click references>paths are correct.


Opened parts. Opened master assembly. Force rebuild. Saved.


Added path to directory with components in "Options", "File locations", "Referenced parts".


Occasionally unsuppressed and got the "Open file" dialog box. Clicked on the file. Clicked open. Screen refreshes but the dialog box window stays open after repeatedly clicking "Open" button. Finally had to click "Cancel".


Inserted another instance of same parts. Saved. Reopened. New instances appear but not the originals (grayed out though they are in the same directory).


Parts stay grayed out and suppressed.


Don't know what's left. Any suggestions? Last option is to deleted all the grayed out components and reinsert them. Thanks.