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San Diego SolidWorks User Group meets February 10th

Question asked by Phil Sluder on Feb 8, 2010

This month's meeting will be at 7:00pm on Wednesday, February 10th. Everyone is welcome, there are no dues, just show up. The meeting will be held 10225 Barnes Canyon Road, Suite A-102, San Diego, CA.


Plan to arrive around 6:30pm and enjoy pizza and soft drinks. Mingle with the other users until the actual meeting starts around 7:00pm.


Monthly Tech New
What's happened in the last month in the SolidWorks world. Highlights of the news, Blogs, webcasts, etc. What's the latest service pack and technical bulletins.


Open Modeling Forum
If your are having trouble creating a feature, part, assembly or drawing or anything at all that deals with SolidWorks, bring it to the meeting, and see if others in the group will have a solution or work-around. Alternatively, share your solutions for the benefit of the entire group.


Topics from the Attendees
Anyone in the group can throw out an issue, topic, problem or question to the entire group. See if other group members can come up with an answer or a solution.


SolidWorks Presentations


SolidWorks World 2010 - SolidWorks World was held in Anaheim last week. We will review what happened at the event including information released about SolidWorks 2011.


Creating Animations - SolidWorks has the capablility to create robust animations from SolidWorks assemblies. In this first of several presentations, Jim will cover the basics of what types of animations can be created. In future meetings the topic will continue with details of how to create more advanced animations.


About the San Diego SolidWorks User Group

The San Diego SolidWorks User Group was formed in October 1996 and is one of the oldest SolidWorks User Groups in existence. We have been meeting monthly since our formation and provide an easy way for SolidWorks users to exchange ideas, get answers to problems and learn more about SolidWorks and its partner applications.


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