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Fill Pattern Issue

Question asked by Andrew Chase on Feb 8, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2010 by Charles Culp

I have an issue with the fill pattern tool, whether this issue has been present before 2010 SP2.1 or has come about from this update i don't know but it has posed a problem that i need a work around for.


I need to create a punched panel so that i can save this as a flat panel profile in dwg format that can be emailed to our laser cutters or punching people.


The panel i require is a 2485mm x 1800mm x 2mm thk sheet with a 2445mm x 900 punched area with 10mm square holes at 15mm square pitch, this creates roughly 10,500 punched holes.

I create the sheet using sheet metal, then create a sketch on the top surface for the boundry, then create on the same surface a 10mm square sketch and cut through all to create the feature. I then use fill pattern to identify the 2445mm x 900mm boundry and then identify the feature to pattern, then enter the 15mm x 15mm spacing for the feature. The computer starts to draw the pattern but then hangs, i thought as its a lot of holes to cut that i should leave it over night but even after 12 hours it still had not completed the task.


I'm running all this on a Intel Core 2 Quad core Q6850 4Gb Ram Nvidia Quadro FX 3500 Vista 32 bit Solidworks 2010 SP2.1


I have also sent this to our VAR and had a flaky response back, they basically suggested i use a texture instead of a pattern which completely ignores the fact i need to use it as a laser pattern in DWG or to pattern the hole as a body???? confusing to say the least or am i missing something in my quest to find the answer?


I look forward to your valued responses as the forum has not failed me yet in two years. In fact the forum has answered all but one of my questions to date and the VAR has answered none.


Many thanks forum people.