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Question asked by Andres Girardot on Feb 5, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2010 by Andres Girardot

I was just hired by a start-up company that is in the process of setting up a new engineering venture.  The company has three standard seats of SW2008 with the future goal of upgrading to SW Professional and use PDM workgroup to manage the parts, assemblies, drawings, and documents.  Unfortunatelly, nobody in the company has worked with PDM before and we belive that it is important to proceed with early configuration management practices to avoid costly mistakes in the future.  Therefore, I would appreciate if any experienced poeple in PDM workgroup can provide me with some guidence in respect to things we should establish now prior to make mistakes than can give us problems once we move to a Vault.  Just to provide a start on what type of info we are looking for i am going to make some questions to bring people to write their comments:


1. Part Numbering scheme - Will PDM workgroup have problems with alpha characters, dash values, or other characters for part numbers? Should files be named with the part number and use custom properties to add other important information? or the file name is irrelevant?

2. How PDM workgroup treats configurations - I have read that PDM won't recognize configurations as different parts, if so should we start creating individual files for each part config. or are there ways around this problem?

3. How does PDM treat parts unders a diferent project names?

4. Is there an specific folder structure needed?

5. Which custom property information is relevant and important to PDM?

6. Connectivity to ERP software?

7.  Accessing the vault off-site??

7.  What else should i be aware of!!! DO's and DONT's


Well I hope i can get some good information that can help us avoid a costly and great headache in the future when moving to PDMworks.