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Thick and Thin Client Combinations

Question asked by Brian Hughes on Feb 5, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2010 by Patrick Poh

I'll likely end up opening an SR to sort through this.  I upgraded my server to 2010 SP2 and my client to 2010 SP2 on SW 2010 SP2.1 x64.  Normally I connect while on the LAN or via VPN.  It works great.


So, I set up the Web Portal for EPDM 2010 some time around 2010 SP0.  I was using it in our training lab and on a different computer in my office.


Now, I was down at SWW2010 and decided I wanted to really give the Web Contributor a run for it's money.  I logged in with my laptop over the web without VPN!  It worked great, especially since the hotel had a 5 mbit synchronous connection.


Odd thing happened though, I can't get that vault (yes just 1/4 testing vaults) to switch back to the CAD Editor / Thick Client Contributor display.  All my icons for that vault are blue still.  Seems to me one should be able to just swap back and forth willy nilly, because I had tested this in the office on another machine without issue.


Any advice from the 'cloud' on this one folks?