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Vista 64bit and SP5.1 Slow Save Times

Question asked by 1-9H082M on Feb 5, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2010 by Tim Smith

SW 2009 has been quite a challenge for me as a CAD Administrator to get up and running trouble free without any crashes.  SP5.1, some tweaks to my system options and insuring that I had MS office patched to SP2.0 finally gave me a stable running install.  However I am not out of the woods yet.  With SW SP5.0 I am experiencing considerable increase in the time it takes to save our files.  I have confirmed it has something to do with the SP5.1 in that if on the same machine I uninstall and reinstall SP4.0 the slow save time goes away.  So at this point for my users it is a trade off.  Slow save times or stability.  Most all of my engineers are using 64bit machines with 8gigs or more of RAM as we work with very large assemblies.  I had a thought as I am writing this post.  I am going to try creating a macro that performs a save via the SolidWorks API.  Perhaps with a little luck this will scoot around what ever is causing this issue.   I will repost to let everyone know how that works for us.  If anyone is experiencing the same problem and has a solution I am begging you to post it on this forum and if you happen to live in the Minneapolis, MN area I will personally buy you a few rounds of beers out on a happy hour.