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    Incomplete import of a large dxf file

      hi guys,


      I was trying to import a quite large dxf file (over 10MB) which contains a lot of 3dface elements. I follow these steps:

      1. Launch SolidWorks 2009 sp5.0 education edition

      2. Select "Open"

      3. Choose file type "DXF"

      4. Select and Open file

      5. Choose "Import to Part"

      6. "Unites of Imported Data" is set to meters. (If I select Inches or other units, the import won't work at all)


      7. Click radio button "as 3D curves/model

      8. Click finish.

      9. It will pop-up a warning message:


      "File contains large number of 3d face entities: import process may take significant time and may cause solidworks to run out of memory. Do you wish to skip 3dFaces?" In my case, I have to select NO.


      Then it starts processing for about 8-10 mins, there will be many parts instead of one single part. The strange thing is, part of the geometry will always be MISSING!! I am not sure if it is due to the warning message as above or there is some other reasons??


      I tried to open a smaller dxf file (less than 3MB) also contains 3dface elements, it appeared successful and the warning message did not come up, the import was also successful.


      So, the next question is, is there any way to configure the memory Solidworks needs to use (if the memory warning is leading to incomplete import), so the warning message won't pop-up?


      Please help!! I was working on this for a couple of days and getting nowhere...


      Any suggestions will be very appreciated!!!

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          Deepak Gupta
          Not sure if SolidWorks can handle this big file (may also depend on kind of hardware you have) but try to do purging of the DXF file before importing into SolidWorks
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              HI Deepak,

              Thanks a lot for your reply. The DXF file is generated by myself, there are only 3dface elements in the file but QUITE a lot since I have to use them to describe the geometry with a reasonable fidelity. I might have to try to write my output file in other format, like Iges or something alike...


              thanks again.

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              Anna Wood

              That file took quite a bit of time (a couple minutes) on my x64 bit Core i7 EE965 machine with 12 gigs of memory.


              It also came in incomplete. Less info then what you had when you opened the file.


              What are the system specs on your computer?


              Sometimes you have to beleive what the system message boxes are telling you.


              Why are you importing from a dxf file?  I think you would be better served to model this, from scratch, in SolidWorks.  Especially if you have all ready wasted two days trying to do an import.  Sometimes you just have to cut your losses and proceed to Plan B.






              From my alter-ego account.... :-)

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                  Hi  Anna,


                  Thank you very much for your reply. The hardware configuration on my machine is much lower than yours. I have 4gigs memory on my 32bit machine.


                  There are some reasons why I am importing from a dxf file. The DXF file is generated from the geometry in our research program. We hope it can be imported into Solidworks, ProE...


                  The geometry I posted is an initial setting, after many iterations of calculation, the geometry will become irregular (see attached pic) and it's impossible to build in Solidworks. So I write it as a 3d face model in DXF. I dont know how to write it as a solid model in DXF, and if I know it i would rather write it in IGES format.



                  I eventually would like to run FEA in Solidworks so the model has to be a SOLID model. The 3d face model can be converted to solid model if I save the file in IGES format, this gave me the hope and made my keep trying it for several days.


                  So, at this point I think I have to start thinking how to write my output file directly in IGES format. I've opened the IGES file generated by Solidowrks itself and it does not complain even the size is about 15MB or higher.


                  Do you know if there is some IGES open source writer or API by any chance?


                  If you have any further suggestions, please let me know, thanks a lot!!