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Mate Reference / Library Feature HELP!

Question asked by Ronald Hahn on Feb 4, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2010 by Dan Riffell I have "Part-A" that has 3 mate references defined in it.


I created "Library Feature-A"  (it is a cut-out for Part-A's geometry)  this library feature has the same 3 mate references defined in it.


I add "Library Feature-A" to Part-B (the cut-out for Part-A) - Part-B is used in "Assembly-X".


So....I go to insert Part-A into Part-B (in Assembly-X) and would like it to snap to this feature utilizing it's pre-defined mate references.


It does not work as one would think. 


It appears that mate references defined in your library feature do not carry into the part?  So what good is this I ask?


1) What am I missing?  2) And/or how does one insert a part multiple times into an assembly and have it mate to its corresponding feature, i.e. - similiar to a toolbox fastener?