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Temperature dependent Elasticity?

Question asked by 1-AMI12S on Feb 4, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2010 by Eric Christison

first off, i am running sw2010sp0, premium


How does one set up a material to have the modulus of elasticity (or other properties) vary with temperature?


I set up a material with tables of values for elasticity, yield, ultimate, conductivity, CTE, etc that are all functions of temperature.


I then (just trying to verify how to do this) created a rectangular bar 10mm square by 100mm.  Then I created a static study and fixed one end of the bar, and applied a uniform pressure to the other, trying to compress the bar.  I also applied a fixed temperature to the bar.


Now I applied my created material to that solid and selected "Temperature dependent" for the elastic modulus, poison's ratio, etc.


I set the initial temperature and the fixed temperature at 21 degrees C, and run the model, and look at the deflection.


Now I rerun the model with the only difference being the fixed and initial temperatures are set at 870 degrees C.  and I get the EXACT same deflection.


Considering that the modulus of elasticity for this material varies from 207GPa @ 21 deg. C to 147GPa @ 870 degrees C, the deflection should not be the same value.


I should note that after applying the material, and selecting temperature dependent, if I leave that screen and return, it does not say temperature dependent for modulus of elasticity (or any of the others that I have changed)


I figure I am missing something, so what am I doing wrong?