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    Design Scenario Parameter

    reeshi pradhan


      In my design, load(force on model change with its mass. let's say I have recntangular block. I want to use model height as a design parameter. So varying the height automatically change its mass.

      but this load is independent of gravity. Say centrifugal force

      Wo how do I relate this variation to the load on model?


      Thank you in advance.





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          Hello Reeshi,


          I believe that you can do it with gravity load.  Click "External Loads -> Gravity" and apply the standard 1g in the down direction.  Then click the "advanced" section of the gravity load property manager.  You can apply any amount of acceleration in the two directions perpendicular to the principle gravity load.  If your "centrifugal acceleration" is not in a direction perpendicular to normal gravity, just create a new gravity load and use a reference plane to define its direction.  (Click Assembly -> Reference Geometry -> Plane to insert a plane if you have to.)


          Since you are applying an acceleration, the force experienced by your object will vary directly according to its mass.  As you change the height, the force will change.


          I hope that answers your question!