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Gererate PDM report who made that the last change to a partiular status

Question asked by Sandy Buerkle on Feb 3, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2010 by Sandy Buerkle

Hello All,

          Hopefully this is an easy one.  We need help searching the vault.

          We need to generate a report listing the User who has promoted files to which are now in the status called "To Be Released".

Admin needs to know all the files a certain User has submitted to the 'To Be Released' Status, so they can get all the files in a particular ECO promoted to the status "Released' and close the ECO out.

          Right now all they see  is a huge  list of files (we have 20+ users)  in the To Be Released status.  There's no owner listed now, because our rule states when a document is promoted to 'To Be Released' status,  Admin only access at this point.  Admin needs to know WHICH User has promoted WHICH files with each ECO.

             Hopefully I am making myself clear!

thanks for your help!