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    Slotted holes - centre marks on drawings?

    Dana Meynard


      Im having trouble with centre marks in slots.  I have created a part (refer attached jpegs) with a series of slotted holes.  To create the series, I created one slot, patterned it down one side of the part, then because it was a symmetrical set of slots, mirrored the slot and slot pattern to the opposite side.

      Im having troubles with my drawing, some slots will put a centre mark at the centre of the slot, others will only put a centre mark at each of the arced ends (refer attached jpeg).  How can I get centre marks at the centre of each slot on all slots?



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          Glenn Schroeder
          There may be a better way to do it, but I would probably just dimension from the center of the line segments that connect the arced ends.
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            Kelvin Lamport

            How are you applying the centermarks ... automatically upon view insertion or manually per slot?


            Do you have the Slot center mark option selected?

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                Dana Meynard

                Yeah ive used centrelines to get around it for now, but I dont like unfinished business in my drawings

                Im applying the centres to the slots manually for the slots I need.

                I think I found what you are talking about Kelvin, in the options (refer attached jpeg).

                The other jpeg I have attached shows the other settings I have found for slot type, but they were set correctly.  I have worked out the slots that are having the problem are the patterned slots, the initial slots and the mirrored slots are fine.  If I remove the feature pattern and edit the inital slot sketch and pattern inside the sketch it works.


                Thanks for your help guys!


                One more thing... in the settings I found that determine the centre mark position (centre of slot or ends of slot), I dont suppose you can centre-mark some slots in the same drawing view wtih one style, and other slots in that view with the other style?  So for my smaller slots I would like centre of slot marks, and on the long thin slots I would like centre marks at each end of the slot.

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                Izac Roberts

                Sorry to bump an old thread but i seem to be having the same problem (using SW 13). Just wondering if anyone has a better workaround for this yet?


                EDIT: Was playing around with the sheet metal part with the slots im trying to get to show center marks. I found that slots made AFTER part is bent show center marks whereas slots that are cut out before bends only allow the centermarks to go on the ends of the slot.

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                    Unspecified Unspecified

                    I have a similar problem with slot center marks, I have a sheet metal part with different slots on several flanges. When I make a drawing of the part and insert slot center marks ( manually) I find it very difficult to add a dimension to it.

                    It even creates weird angled dimensions when I just want a distance between slot centers or from slot center to the edge of the flange ( see attachment).

                    In the end, I have drawn the center lines manually, but I don't think that's the way CAD is meant to be.slot hole.jpg