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Discussion created by Duane Roberts on Feb 3, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2010 by Harold Brunt
Maybe its not solidworks that is fouling up, maybe its me.  Ive used this sofware since 2006 where i had taken a small community college class on how to start.  since then i barely recieved a raise from a company i have been working for since then, and yet i still dont make 30,000 a year.  this leads me to believe i have much needed learning and that i should go back to something that i am more familiar with art, music, construction.  i thought i did pretty good at keeping up with these peoples insanities, but i really would like to think about buying a home one day and having be able to support a family that would be nice.  and i just dont see how thats going to happen.  i do believe i am really good at the drawing and assemblies maybe not the fastest, but my review says i excel in my work maybe the company dosent have the money, i am the only drafter here for a company who creates scales.  whats the feed back i can get on this i wonder?  i love building houses and demolition lol i miss it.  yeah i know this is irreleavant but if i do this is my good bye to the solidworks world more than likely