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How to do Frequeny analysis under operating conditions?

Question asked by 1-FKI4X8 on Feb 2, 2010


go through the attached file, and calculate the list of resonant frequency which is like this


Mode No.    Frequency(Rad/sec)    Frequency(Hertz)    Period(Seconds)
1        21203               3374.6              0.00029633 
2        21343               3396.8              0.00029439 
3        22798               3628.4              0.0002756  
4        26778               4261.8              0.00023464 
5        28895               4598.8              0.00021745


Suppose the same assembly if shaft is made to run at 1000 RPM is the structure safe and stable.

In case if i am not able to predict this in frequency analysis, should i go for dynamic analysis in which (modal time history, harmonic, random vibration) which one to select and what are the inputs required to start any of these dynamic analysis. Please go through the attached file